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At Sinoah, we take design as the first fast growing factor in company growth. Located in the seaside of Qingdao, we have a group of designers including appearance designing, product structure designing and techninical engineers.
Our design team are managered by our art director Mr Zhang who have 18 years experience in product design and development. He is very well travel and speak fluent English. He has attanted numerous design exhibitions and well understand the trend of the furniture industry in the modern world, and have won many design award in the industry. We regular take graduates from china top designing institute and some have grow fast in the company and contribute greatly in our new designs every year. We also take outsourced designers to work together from projects to projects.
Mr Enrique Martin, a Spanish top designer have been working with us for over 5 years and many good designs have been led by him. Sinoah factory is also a popular place for internship for students from international college. such as we take a briliant student Elen from Demark royal institute of design and she quoted” an briliant stay of 3 month in Sinoah and so touched by Sinoahs young and cheerful spirit .”
At sinoah, we use modern software to produce 3D models and plans for our customer for all projects and our technical design team undertake most of the jobs to do functional design and deliver 3D models to our project leader and end customers. The software we use will then translate these 3D model into our factory and machines which will produce these cabinets most parts automatically. Thanks to our investment in these software, which give great efficiency and cost effectiveness to our projects.
At Sinoah, we have technical department consistently undertaken research in new material in both directions of cost driven-down and eco-Friendly. We are able to give advice to our customer with regards to new and modern materia for cabinets manufacturing.