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Wooden Furniture Classified

At Sionah, we take wood classified as Softwood and Hardwood. The one we used most are hardwood as it is topically used for our wooden furniture. When considering making a wooden furniture, we usually recommend hardwood according to their density, hardness etc.. and what furniture to be made for. 

There are hundreds of wood species and there is no point to list them all. We are considering common wood only which normally used for the furniture industry. 

First lets talk about Softwood, typically, we are talking about Pine, Paulowni,Poplar。 As these wooden are low in density and hardness, these type of wood are often used as supporting material rather the main material for wooden furniture for it easy to get scratch and are not as durable as other types of hard wood.  Practically they are more often to be used for carcass, backboard where customer are not care too much about and it does not play a important role in its structure.  Also we will consider the main hardwood color and functions to decide which of these softwood to be used at which part to reduce cost while keeping the same attractive look. Although these softwood can be made of the whole furniture without hardwood involved, it is very often to find children bed, bunk bed which are completely made of pine. Poplar and Paulowni are also often to be found at making storage cabinets as a low end of the market product. 

Hardwood are the main part of use in Sinoah wooden furniture manufacturing process.  Oak, ash, walnut are the most popular wood material for our client in Europe, Austrian and Japan market. Comparing these three material, walnut are the most expensive as it sexual appearance,  the nature color of it are often match international color trend and are suitable for high end contemporary style of furniture. While oak are also very specially, wine cellar industry are also choose to use oak for its beautiful smell when mix with wine. Ash is also a popular for making normal wooden furniture and it is very similar with oak as the nature texture and similar density and hardness. 
There are also three types of wood, rubber wood, birch and beech are in between of hardwood and softwood. Rubber wood are made in the tropical area. It got slightly a sour smell if not treated properly. Again it is still a good choice for supporting material or for low end market. Birch and birch are relatively hardwood and often used for painted furniture as it is relatively less of knots and risk of splitting.