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SINOAH is a large-scale wooden furniture and wardrobe closet manufacturer and supplier in China. Sinoah has been specializing in the production of wardrobe closets for many years. Our products have good price advantage and cover most of the European and American markets. We are looking forward to be your long-term partner in China.

Wardrobes are the newest products in the SINOAH furniture range and come with a minimum 5 year warranty. There are many different types of closets, from materials to styles. Sinoah has many choices. Sinoah's closet is available in a variety of materials, including melamine, Lacquer, PVC and PET material etc. Each material has its own unique advantages.

Melamine wardrobe closet advantages:

1. It can be arbitrarily copied various patterns with bright color, used as a variety of wood-based panels and wood veneer. It has high hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance.

2. With its chemical resistance performance, it can resist the general acid, alkali, oil and alcohol solvents such as abrasion.
3. Smooth and smooth surface, easy to maintain and clean.

Application case:

Lacquer wardrobe closet advantages:

1. Bright colors, strong visual impact, and has excellent moisture-proof and waterproof performance, without the need for edge sealing; 

2. Easy to clean, do not fade. After its curing, it has high stability, durability, weather resistance, friction resistance, corrosion resistance and hardness, so after polishing it has a high surface finish and good mirror effect, and is widely used in high-grade furniture. Due to its craft process characteristics, painted furniture has good corrosion resistance and waterproof performance, and the surface is easy to clean, which really brings convenience to modern home life.

Application case:

PVC wardrobe closet advantages:

First, they’re waterproof with relatively small weight, good stability, long service life and reasonable price.

Second, PVC wardrobe closets are convenient to clean. It has a smooth surface layer, also does not stick to dirt, also does not absorb water, easy to clean.
Third, the appearance of the PVC cabinet is exquisite and detailed, due to the appearance of the choice of paint is good, its appearance of bright color, good luster, color is also rich, can give the consumer a variety of choices.
Application case:

PET wardrobe closet advantages:
1. PET material closet from the appearance will look brighter, so the three-dimensional sense is stronger, the color difference is relatively small. As a cabinet door to present a more beautiful effect, placed in the home can also be to enhance the living room class.
2. It is not easy to deformation or fading in the process of use, so the service life is relatively long, usually cleaning is also very convenient.
3. It has strong high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and other characteristics, very high cost performance.
Application case:

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Wardrobe closets are widely used in residential buildings, commercial buildings, and other public buildings, including private house, apartment, hotel, office building, commercial building, hospital, stations, etc.

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