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PVC Kitchen Cabinets

High quality PVC kitchen cabinet is offered by China manufacturers Sinoah. Buy PVC kitchen cabinets which is of high quality directly with low price. Sinoah PVC Kitchen Cabinets are popular in all over the world because of its unique style and favorable price.



Product Description

PVC Kitchen Cabinets

As a leading wooden furniture and PVC kitchen cabinets manufacturer in China, we are always developing new products and improving production technology.
We have a dust-free paint workshop and are professional at high-gloss to matt PVC kitchen cabinets. We can meet high-end customization for car PVC and piano lacquer. To improve your quality of life, lacquer door panels meet melamine carcases, bringing you a gracious and elegant classical experience.

Style characteristics

The high molecular polymer series cabinet door panels are divided into two kinds of effects: bright and matte. It not only has the bright color and gorgeous quality of baking paint, but also is tougher and more wear-resistant than baking paint. After a certain modeling treatment, it is fashionable and classic, with delicate luster and soft color.

Suitable for kitchen

PVC kitchen cabinets' surface is smooth and easy to clean, without cluttered colors and complicated lines. It is suitable for small kitchens with simple and bright designs in ordinary families. Everything is mainly practical.

The advantages of PVC kitchen cabinets

This sheet is not cracked or deformed, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and fade-resistant. The colors are rich, the wood grain is realistic, and the monochrome chromaticity is pure and bright. The seamless PVC film compression molding process does not need edge sealing, and there is no problem of glue opening. Routine maintenance is also very simple and requires no special maintenance.

The disadvantages of PVC kitchen cabinets

Because the surface is PVC film, the performance of high temperature resistance is poor, and the service life is relatively short.

Product Parameter (Specification)


PVC Kitchen Cabinets


to be customized

Door Panel Color

PVC colors are optional.

Carcase Material

Particle board

Material thickness


Benchtop material

Quartz stone

Benchtop color



50% deposit by T/T , another 50% before shipment


No MOQ is required.
(P.S. : full container quantity orders qualify for the lowest transportation cost.)

Application case:

Matching accesesories:

Hardware:Sinoah collaborated with imported BLUM brand as well as top China brands such as DTC and NUOMI.

SINOAH production line:

Sinoah warranty:

When you get to the below problem, just contact Sinoah freely and we will help you.

You got the missing piece.

You broke the cabinet.

Why choose Sinoah Cabinets:

*Sinoah is manufacturer with 80,000 square meters area, over 300 workers

= It means you buy cabinets from a powerful plant with factory price, stable and favorable.

*Sinoah is designer with a team over 20 designers

=It means you buy cabinets with custmized and designed elegant aesthetic apperance with factory price

*Sinoah have 16years experiences

=It means you buy cabinets from a 16years expert in design,produce and overseas supply with factory price

*Sinoah brand is 16years old and keep growing to a hundred years brand

=It means you buy brand cabinets , you own the rights for Sinoah brand service and warranty with factory price

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