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SINOAH pet space cabinet Supplier is a professional Chinese cabinet manufacturer with high quality factories and more than 15 years of export experience. We specialize in the production of cabinets for many years. No matter what type, color, size of the cabinet, we can be customized according to customer requirements. SINOAH pet space cabinets have a good price advantage and cover most of the European market. We look forward to being your long-term partner in China.
PET material for pet space cabinet is one of the most environmentally friendly materials for cabinets and wardrobes. Because there are no toxic and harmful volatile substances in PET, it can be said to achieve food grade environmental protection. In fact, this is the most popular and the most widely used material. The second advantage of the pet space cabinet door is that there are many styles. Sinoah can design colors and styles for you according to specific requirements.

The main characteristics of pet space cabinet doors. This kind of doors in the use of the process is not any toxic gas volatilization, green and environmentally friendly, and will not fade, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, etc., so the use in the cabinet is very suitable. At present, the use of this new material on the cabinet doors is increasingly high.

PET material for pet space cabinet advantages.

1.It is a very environmentally friendly cabinet and closet door panel material at present. Because there are no toxic and harmful volatile substances inside PET, it can be said to have reached the food grade environmental protection. In fact, this is also the biggest selling point of pet space cabinet doors at present, because many of our friends will be concerned about environmental protection. Like our domestic many well-known brands of high-end products of the cabinet will be to choose PET.

2. The second advantage of pet space cabinets is that there are many styles. Especially the PET decorative mask made of cabinet doors, it is very rich in style, and gloss is very good. Like the market we are commonly seen are PET environmental protection cabinet doors, cabinet door color is very bright, almost no color difference, and not easy to fade. Can be very good with our cabinet cabinet. So the decoration effect is also very good.

3. Advantages of use. PET closet doors are excellent in terms of scratch resistance and wear resistance. The most important point is that its surface color will almost never change, will not produce fading and so on, and resistance to moisture, high temperature resistance.

4. pet space cabinet door stability is very good, and this also decide its long using life. Because in the process of making the PET door, some chemical materials are also used, so in the process of use almost all will not appear deformation, and there is a feature that does not appear chipped edge of the situation. Like our traditional cabinet door material may need sealing treatment, if the sealing treatment is not good may appear peeling, cracking. PET does not have this problem in this area.

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