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As a large-scale wooden furniture and wardrobe closet manufacturer in China, Sinoah has been specializing in the bathroom vanity for decades. With our own factory and professional production line, Sinoah is growing fast and is expanding its markets, such as Australia, Ireland, and the Middle East.

Sinoah has been committed to research and develop bathroom vanity, constantly updated styles. Here we recommend two styles of bathroom vanity for you, wood timber floating bathroom vanity and melamine bathroom vanity with sink.

Wood timber floating bathroom vanity 
Corner wood vanity is modern, small, and freestanding.This material is practical for making bathroom vanity. And it can be customized at SINOAH.We produce the vanity by using solid wood, plywood and waterproof particle board to prevent moisture.

Melamine bathroom vanity with sink
Small bathroom vanity is more flexible to match the bathroom space. The Melamine series uses an environmentally friendly base material, E0 grade healthy particle board, and plywood for the main cabinets. There’re various colors available for panels. And the normal thickness of carcase is 18mm or 20mm.

Loved by minimalists, these two style small sink vanity are suitable for small bathroom spaces and houses. And it can be designed according to the requirements into the customer's favorite color and style. If you're looking for a functional bathroom vanity matching small space, this is definitely your best choice.

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