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Sinoah can customize the full house cabinet solution according to the decoration style and users' living habits. To provide consumers with consulting, design, sales and other one-stop services; Greatly improve the utilization of space; After-sales service can be tracked throughout. The advantages of full house cabinet solution are as follows:

1. Personalized customization
The full house cabinet solution can not only make reasonable use of space, but also choose the appropriate plate, style and color according to the decoration style of the home, so that the furniture and decoration coordination, the style is more appropriate, but also can be customized according to the user's personality and living habits, reflecting its unique taste.
2. One-stop service
Full house cabinet solution can provide consumers with consulting, design, sales, installation, after-sales one-stop service, greatly simplifying the whole decoration process, really let customers save time.
3.Greatly improve the utilization rate of space
Traditional furniture is unable to meet the problems of household type and size, especially when it comes to some special-shaped Spaces, standardized products cannot meet the demand. The full house cabinet solution can avoid the corner posts, custom U-shaped cabinets; In case of inclined staircase Angle, skillfully change work reading corner; The wall has a concave, customized TV cabinet, greatly improve the utilization of space.
4. No worries after sale
In traditional home decoration, different furniture may be provided by different merchants. Once there are problems in the later period, it will be very troublesome to deal with them. What's more, there will be no after-sales service to find people, which is completely not guaranteed. The full house cabinet solution customized after-sales service is fully tracked, one-time order, unified factory customization, unified delivery to the door installation, a phone call can solve all problems, after-sales worry free.

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