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You‘ve beenrecommended the plywood ,particle board , MDF , solid wood… if you are complicated on how to choose the raw material of kitchen cabinets.

Here, you’ve found the right kitchen cabinets maker– Sinoah cabinets supply, a professional China cabinets manufacturer and China cabinets supplier with over 15years experiences.

We have been met too many customers who havethe same problems as you, considering to meet customer’s diferent requirements on kitchen cabinets budget and kitchen cabinets designs,we have been strictly choosing 4 types of high-quality kitchen cabinets raw material for you.All the plain sheets for kitchen cabinets are made of natural raw materials based on healthy.

Today I introduce one of our main cabinets raw material----the PLYWOOD

- Plywood kitchen cabinets carcass : blow show you the best type of plywood for kitchen cabinets



Plywood advantages:

1. Sinoah supplied plywood kitchen cabinets the plywood is total 13-layer,with 11 multi-layer nature solid wood with soy protection glue

2. Moisture proofing is excellent during long-term of kitchen water wet enviroment, it can be used longer time ,since not easy to deform

3. Various of surfaces and colors to be available, and you can get your dreamed style of kitchen cabinets design

4. Easy maintaince kitchen cabinets and durability kitchen cabinets

5. Affordable kitchen cabinets material choice

How does our plywood sheet produced ?

Sinoah cabinets supply carefully selected the 11layers of plain plywood sheet as core cabinets material and the 12th&13th layers are protected malemaine paper or engineere vaneer layer. To make our high-quality kitchen cabinets/ entry cabinets / TV cabinets/ wine cabinets /closet and other whole house space cabinets custumization. The 11layers of wood sheets are pressed criss-cross with 3-time cold pressing and 4-time hot pressing process makes the plywood function stable and durability.

Kitchen cabinets designs & kitchen cabinets colors

Kitchen cabinets material part 2 - Solid wood particleboard

Solid wood particle board is a type of particleboard. It is widely to be used for kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, closets,dinning room TV cabinets,wine cabinets and whole house customized cabinets.

The solid wood particle board uses wood chips as raw materials, and the wood fiber particles in the board are larger, which more retains the essence of natural wood. It is a new and environmentally friendly substrate. It is precisely because it is spliced with wooden fragments, so its surface is smooth and delicate, without knots, bug eyes and other defects, and has good stability and uniform material.

Particle board features:

Strong decorative performance

The surface of the particle board is smooth and delicate, without knots, insect eyes, warping, and cracking. More decorative than other woods.

Warpage is not easy to deform

The solid wood particle board has small warpage and deformation, good dimensional stability, high strength, good stiffness, and it is not easy to bend when hanging heavy clothes. The wood-based panels used in the European furniture market are mainly solid wood particle boards.

Strong nail grip

The interior of the solid wood particle board is granular in a cross-staggered structure. Therefore, the nail holding force is strong, and round nails and screws can be nailed. These machinability properties are significantly better than MDF.

Good processing performance

The density of solid wood particle board is generally greater than that of solid wood, and its physical and mechanical properties are excellent. It is the closest to natural wood and better than natural wood among various wood-based panels. Therefore, the machine has excellent processing performance, and can be processed with the processing configuration and methods of processing natural wood. The interior of the solid wood particle board is granular in a cross-staggered layout. The particles are arranged in a certain direction. Its longitudinal bending strength is much larger than that of the transverse direction. It can be sawed, sanded, planed, drilled, nailed, filed, etc. Processing, is a good material for the furniture industry.

Environmental performance

The wood particle board is made of wood scraps, which determines its environmental protection and avoids the secondary waste of materials. In foreign countries, 70% of its furniture substrates are made of solid wood particle boards. Generally, the formaldehyde content of solid wood particle boards with E1 environmental protection standards is low. Most of the particle boards produced on the market currently meet E0 standards, and their environmental protection performance is much higher than the national standard.

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