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SINOAH TV cabinets supplier is a professional China cabinets manufacturer with owned factory in high quality, having over 15years exporting experiences. We have been specialized in TV cabinets for many years. No matter what type, color or size of TV cabinets, we can customize them according to our customers' requirements. SINOAH TV cabinets have a good price advantage. We look forward to being your reliable and stable partner in China.


Customers are usually confused about what material to choose for their TV cabinets. In order to meet the requirements and experience of our customers, we have strictly selected 5 high quality raw materials for your kitchen cabinets, each with irreplaceable advantages.SINOAH's raw materials include plywood, particle board, MDF, PET and solid wood.


一、Embedded TV cabinet 

1. Increase the utilization of space
Built-in design made of TV cabinets can be arranged in the corners of the space or deformed position, increasing the utilization of space. 
2.Beautiful and generous
Neat and tidy TV cabinet, there is no bump, its appearance is beautiful, and can also hide a variety of wires.
3.Reduce hygiene dead ends

The perfect inline design is tightly seamed, so there is no hygiene dead ends, greatly reducing the cleaning area.

二、Floating TV cabinet 

1. Increase the sense of space modeling
Hanging TV cabinets can be around some small partitions can also be placed above the decorative objects, so that the empty TV wall looks less monotonous.
2.Simple fashion beauty.
Furniture appearance is increasingly simple. The shape of hanging TV cabinet is also unique. From the previous vertical to the current hanging, it still closely related to the TV wall, but more beautiful than the traditional TV cabinet.

Storage ark increased usable space, make the life more convenient. Meanwhile, moisture-proof, anticorrosive and long service life are also Sinoah’s advantages. Besides, we’re able to custom TV cabinets color and door shape for you. Large interior space, stylish appearance, and equipped with spring sliding door make your cabinet tasteful and practical.

Sinoah Cabinets Supply - Design your simple life 

We are looking forward to cooperating with you!