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Teach you some tips on cabinet cleaning
The correct use and maintenance of the cabinet can prolong the service life of the cabinet for at least five years.

Natural stone countertop maintenance

The natural stone is characterized by large surface pores. Therefore, if any stain or moisture is encountered during use, it should be treated immediately to prevent the dirt from penetrating into the stone table. Only clean water or colorless neutral and mild cleaning solvent can be used for ordinary cleaning. If the product is too acidic or too alkaline, it may cause damage to the table. Regular use of maintenance wax for maintenance has also become a necessary condition for maintaining the appearance and texture of natural stone countertops.

1. Wipe the inside of the cupboard with concentrated detergent, and finally clean it with clean water. After the cupboard is dry, re place the tableware.

2. The cupboard is easy to grow moths, which is very unsanitary to the tableware. You can take a small gauze pocket, fill it with cedar sawdust, and hang it in the cupboard, which can effectively prevent insects.

3. It is not enough to air dry the cupboard, but also to keep the tableware dry. After washing the tableware, dry it with a dry cloth, and then put them in the cupboard.

In addition to buying cabinets made of environmentally friendly adhesives, formaldehyde can be eliminated from the following aspects:

1. Open the cabinet door and use the air purifier to adsorb indoor formaldehyde and other pollutants.

2. Open the cabinet door and windows for ventilation for a period of time. Of course, you need to pay attention to the rain to avoid the loss outweighing the gain.

3. Put the harmful gas adsorber and furniture adsorption treasure into the cabinet, which can catalyze the decomposition of formaldehyde and other harmful gases in the cabinet.

4. Open the cabinet door and put formaldehyde removing plants indoors, such as Chlorophytum, tiger tail orchid, ivy, aloe, Agave, chrysanthemum, green pineapple, Begonia, dayflower, etc.

How to clean and maintain the whole cabinet

Overall cabinet cleaning: first, when cleaning the sink, remember to clean the neck end of the pipe behind the filter box, so as to avoid the accumulation of oil dirt for a long time. If there are too many stains and it is difficult to clean, you can pour some kitchen necessities detergent or degreasing detergent and wash them with hot water.

Overall cabinet maintenance: the cabinet is generally divided into upper and lower layers. We can put some clear objects on the upper cabinet and try to put the heavy objects on the lower cabinet, otherwise the upper cabinet is easy to be damaged; Articles cleaned each time must be wiped or dried before they can be put into the cabinet; Wipe the hardware in the cabinet with a dry cloth to avoid water drops on the surface and water marks.

artificial stone table-board

Artificial stone table top is the most commonly used material in the market at present. It is corrosion-resistant, scratch resistant, high temperature resistant and has good plasticity. The cleaning method is very simple. You can clean it with soap water or detergent containing ammonia water. Remove the water stains with a wet cloth and then wipe them with a dry cloth.

Fireproof board countertop

Compared with natural stone, fireproof board is more flexible, and its maintenance is basically the same as that of other materials. When using, pay attention not to be eroded by water and humidity. After using, wipe off the accumulated water and water stains as soon as possible to avoid cracking and deformation of the long-term soaking table.