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How to choose a cabinet
Countertop options

The quality of table top material, machining accuracy, strength, hardness, non-toxic and non radioactive are all key indicators to measure the quality of table top.

When purchasing, only consider whether it is scratch resistant, temperature resistant, environmentally friendly and easy to clean.

Door panel options

Cabinet door panel materials can be divided into double veneer type, paint baking type, fireproof panel type, blister type, molded door panel, solid wood type, etc.

Solid wood door panel

There are many kinds of materials, such as cherry wood, oak, Manchurian ash, birch, etc. the characteristics and prices of wood vary greatly.

Advantages: natural appearance, durability and environmental protection

Disadvantages: can not be exposed to the sun, easy to deform

PVC film pressure blister board

The floor space pattern is based on medium density board, and the imported PVC veneer is hot pressed and molded.

The color is like high-grade mirror paint, which looks very high-grade.

Suitable for European rural and Avantgarde style.

Advantages: waterproof, antifouling and anti fading

Disadvantages: thermal expansion and cold contraction are easy to cause thin film falling off, and the anti-skid and anti scratch performance is poor

Double veneer

Also known as trimer polyamine, it takes particleboard as the base material, with flat surface and no shape, suitable for simplicity and practicality.

Advantages: flat surface, not easy to deform, bright color, wear resistance and corrosion resistance

Disadvantages: single style

Painted board

The base material of paint baking board is medium density board, with bright texture and color, bright and fashionable, suitable for simple and practical use

Advantages: strong waterproof and antifouling ability, easy to clean

Fireproof board

Called refractory board, it has the characteristics of wear resistance, heat resistance, open fire resistance, scratch resistance, easy cleaning, rich color, good stability, etc. Suitable for pragmatism.

Substrate options

We can see that 80% of a kitchen cabinet is composed of cabinets.

Not only that, hardware and door panels are directly connected to the cabinet.

When choosing ambry, besides the waterproof and moisture-proof performance of ambry, we should pay special attention to the problem of formaldehyde.

1、 Density board is also known as board

According to different density, it can be divided into separate density board, cow density board and low density rice.

Generally used as cabinet or moon body material

Advantages: Qiu Zhiguang soup. The wood is even and thin

Flat and flat. There are many shapes that can be machined without turning.

Special image is applicable to, Qu and Yixing designs.

Disadvantages: high water swelling rate and poor nail holding force.


The thin plate is made of wood chips as the main raw material, and then infiltrated with glue and additives.

Advantages: light weight, strong nail holding force, good moisture-proof and waterproof performance.

It is easier to control formaldehyde emission and not easy to deform.

Easy to spray paint and surface decoration, suitable for flat furniture.

Disadvantages: fragile, not easy to bend.

Generally not suitable for making larger furniture.

Hardware accessories

Most functions of the cabinet require hardware support.

Generally speaking, hardware accessories mainly include hinge, slide rail, damping, air support, hanging code, adjusting foot, skirting board, etc. the quality of hardware

To determine the service life of the cabinet.

It is best to choose hardware products of big brands.

When purchasing, it mainly depends on whether the appearance is defective, how the electroplating gloss is, and whether the hand feel is smooth.