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Advantages and disadvantages of solid wood cabinet
Solid wood cabinet material

The material that makes ambry has solid wood, particleboard, medium density board commonly.

The reason why solid wood cabinets are good is that particleboard and medium density board are not environmentally friendly, and there is no way to lock the screws 2-3 times.

The raw materials of MDF are scrap, waste paper and glue, which do not meet the environmental protection standards.


With the continuous improvement of solid wood technology, various carving patterns and rich color processing are very beautiful.

Now the solid wood cabinet has more and more individual characteristics.

It can be matched with many different decoration styles to meet the preferences of different people.

Now the solid wood cabinet can not only be designed very classically, but also very fashionable.

So now solid wood cabinets are also in line with people's aesthetic concepts.

Classification of solid wood cabinets

At present, the wooden cabinets are divided into pure solid wood, solid wood composite and solid wood veneer.

1. Pure solid wood cabinet requires high consistency of wood species, overall natural and good effect;

2. The solid wood composite cabinet takes the solid wood splicing material as the base material, and the surface is pasted with solid wood skin, which can also achieve the visual effect of solid wood;

3. Solid wood veneer cabinet is double pasted with solid wood veneer on the surface of density board.

The advantages of the latter two are that they avoid the color difference and defects of surface raw materials, achieve the same texture and color effect, and are not easy to deform;

Pure solid wood cabinet has high strength and long service life.

The latter two are more beautiful because of their uniform water property, anti deformation and good appearance.

Solid wood door panels are made of high-grade teak, cherry, walnut, oak and beech;

The middle block is made of ash and oak;

Catalpa, low block basswood, birch, pine and Paulownia.

Advantages of solid wood kitchen cabinet

1. Service life

When it comes to the advantages of solid wood cabinets, most people will think of the service life of solid wood cabinets.

The board made of solid wood is strong because it is not made of wood chips and paper clips.

The natural growth of solid wood is much stronger than this synthetic board.

The service life is naturally longer.

2. manufacturing process

The price of solid wood furniture is relatively expensive, which is closely related to the complex manufacturing process of solid wood furniture.

Solid wood cabinets should go through more than 40 processes when they are made, and each process is relatively strict.

It takes a long time to dry the dishes individually.

The manufacturing process of the whole solid wood cabinet is troublesome.

3. Aesthetics

The pressing plate is not as beautiful as the solid wood plate.

In addition to the design and production of solid wood cabinets, the beauty of solid wood cabinets is much higher than that of ordinary cabinets.

4. Environmental performance

The environmental protection performance of solid wood cabinets is much higher than that of ordinary cabinets.

Because a lot of glue will be added when making the version, which contains a lot of formaldehyde.

Solid wood cabinets do not need to add a lot of glue during processing.

So in terms of environmental protection, solid wood cabinets are much better than other cabinets.

5. traditional features

Solid wood furniture has been very popular in China since ancient times.

Solid wood is a furniture of great historical significance.

Solid wood integrated cabinet is not only a cabinet, but also carries the essence of Chinese traditional culture.

Disadvantages of solid wood cabinets

1. price

Solid wood cabinets have many advantages and some disadvantages.

Price is the disadvantage of all solid wood furniture.

The price of solid wood cabinet is much higher than that of ordinary materials.

Due to limited resources, the price of solid wood cabinets is more expensive.

In addition, solid wood cabinets will be much higher than cabinets made of other materials.

2. water intolerant

Solid wood furniture is not waterproof.

Once pure solid wood absorbs water, it will increase the weight of furniture.

Over time, there will be the phenomenon that the cabinets are blackened and cracked.

In addition, the pest control effect of solid wood cabinets will also be reduced.

If it is used in a humid environment for a long time, it will cause mildew and discoloration of the cabinet.

It will not only affect the beauty of the cabinet, but also shorten the service life of the cabinet.

3. maintenance

Solid wood cabinets need regular maintenance.

Prevent sharp tools or metal products from contacting the cabinet in daily life.

If there are scratches, it is difficult to repair.

In addition, the acid-base resistance of solid wood cabinets is poor.

When cleaning, use a detergent with the appropriate pH and water.

When wiping, you should also choose a soft cloth to wipe.

Prevent damage to the surface of the wooden cabinet.

4. quality

The overall quality of solid wood cabinets is very good, but if the manufacturer's production level is not up to standard, there will also be various quality problems.

Therefore, when buying solid wood cabinets, we must choose qualified solid wood cabinets.